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Are you a student? Would you like to study in France?
Campus France Bahrain is responsible for promoting French higher education and welcoming foreign students and researchers to France.

Campus France is a mission of the Embassy of France to Bahrain, which provides a first level of information (programmes, costs, accommodation, insurance, etc) to Bahraini and foreigner’s residents in Bahrain interested in studying in France. The team helps international students to build their academic plans to make it successful.

The Campus France Office is also a mandatory step for applying for a visa, especially for any stay which exceeds 3 months in France. To be able to apply, you would need to provide the official academic acceptance from the higher education institution (university or school) or the French language school.

You can find additional useful information on the Campus France Website.

As soon you get it, you will be able to proceed to obtain your Long Stay Visa. Three requirements should be fulfilled:

  • Registration on France-Visas
    You have to create an account on France-Visas, which is mandatory for the next steps.
    It will enable you to get the list of all the required documents to gather for the visa procedure.
  • Appointment with the Cooperation and Cultural Action Service
    You have to take an appointment with the Cooperation and Cultural Action Service ( It will assess your academic project and will check all the required documents of your application file.
    Be careful, this appointment is mandatory to get a student visa. The visa service will refuse any visa application, if you didn’t fulfill this requirement.
  • Appointment with the Visa service

Then, you have to take your appointment with the Visa service by calling VFS Global Center (+973) 17 516 544 (8am to 3pm Sunday to Thursday).

For further information, please contact us on

published on 18/02/2020

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