The French Arabian Business School


Since 2011 the French Arabian Business School is a department of the Arabian Gulf University (AGU) and trains the Managers and Executives from the Region. This college, created in cooperation with world class Essec Business School offers a MBA during weekends, that allows the students not to interrupt their career path. The strength of this MBA is clearly the high value of its Professors: half of them are selected among the best faculty members of Essec Business School and the other part are thoroughly chosen by AGU.

This MBA program is now recognized as the best in the region, and attracts managers and executives especially from Saudi, Kuwait and Bahrain that aim to fast track their career paths. This MBA, fully accredited by the GCC Governments, lasts 18 months and covers all different fields of the global business in addition to courses dedicated to the region specificities. During the program, students will have as well the tremendous opportunity to travel twice throughout residencies in Singapore and Paris. The students and Alumni are coming from the most prestigious companies and administrations in the region: Alba, Garmco, Aramco. Sadarra Chemical Company, NBB, Financial Kuwait House.

As a program in the customized executive education category, it is ranked at the world 5th position by the Financial Times in 2019.


published on 03/02/2020

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