Scheme in favor of foreign nationals engaged in a sentimental relationship with a French national [ar]

A specific system has been put in place to allow foreign nationals involved in a sentimental relationship with a French national to benefit from an exceptional authorization to enter French territory despite the current situation of the closure of France’s external borders with many countries.

This measure complements the facilities that already exist for married spouses, PACSés partners and cohabitants of French nationals.

It is intended for people who can prove a relationship for a minimum of 6 months before the closure of the borders (i.e. since September 2019 at least) and a previous stay in France. It is intended to allow a stay of up to 90 days, the main reason for which must be the spouse’s visit (excluding any professional reason or long-stay project).

In order to benefit from it, a request must be sent by e-mail containing: a letter signed by the foreign national and the French national, a copy of identity papers, a return flight plan, as well as objective elements that can attest to the existence of a sentimental relationship (passport pages that can testify to a joint stay, reservations in both names, etc.).

A delay of 7 days is to be expected between the sending of the request and the envisaged departure date.

These requests will be answered as soon as possible, by return e-mail only.

published on 23/09/2020

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