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The Night of Ideas, held on the last Thursday of January each year, was initiated in 2016 by leading French and international thinkers.

Adapted to Covid-19 health restrictions, the 7th edition of this emblematic event starts on 27 January, and continues through the first semester in 2022. The theme is “(Re)building together”. This edition celebrates free circulation of ideas and knowledge with a special focus on Europe.

In the evening, conferences, meetings, forums and screenings have been organised, along with artistic performances and workshops for young people. The current context is marked by health, economic and social crises - by a distrust of politics, isolationism, identitarianism and interpersonal risk. The Night of Ideas 2022 is an invitation to debate contemporary conceptions about the ‘collective’ - to share ideas about living together, foster resilience to crises and create conditions for a renewed social pact.

You may see the detailed programme of the Night of Ideas here:

The night of ideas in the world

Over 150 Nights of Ideas are planned across the world in around 100 countries. From Suva, Fiji, and Wellington, New Zealand, to Toronto, Canada; from Seoul to Ushuaia… The Night of Ideas will be celebrated in places as varied as Harvard University, the Fundacion Pablo Atchugarry in Uruguay, Tehran’s Architecture House and the Sydney Opera House.

A night of ideas on European time

Nights of debates, bringing together intellectuals, representatives of civil society, creators and public officials will take place in all European capitals. The initiative is aimed at imagining the future of the European Union and discussing key issues of the contemporary world.

The capitals will take on a festive and participatory air. Discussions - facilitated by the French cultural network - will give voice to some of Europe’s greatest intellectual figures.

A night of ideas at the College de France

The highlight of the Night of Ideas on European time will be a special evening organised on the 12th March 2022, at the College de France by the Institut Francais.

Here, over 50 young people from across Europe (2 from each EU member country) known for their commitment to human, social and environmental rights, will present their proposals for the future of Europe.

The public will be able to vote for the most convincing proposals, and to attend an open discussion among these young activists, experts and decision makers. A unique Night of oratory and debate, geared towards building a stronger and more united Europe.

published on 30/01/2022

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