History Overview : A flourishing 177-year old relationship

Bahrain and France share a common determination to protect and preserve cultural heritage, as well as artistic creation. Through archaeological missions launched in 1977, France has actively participated in Bahrain’s ancient history rediscovery. It has resulted in a rich cultural cross-fertilization.

Crossings of civilizations actually came to life when our relationship was established in 1842, as the French ship "La Favorite", sent by King Louis-Philippe, arrived in Bahrain during a campaign in the Red Sea. Shaikh Abdullah bin Ahmad Al Khalifa, Governor of Bahrain at that time, sent to the emissary of the King of France a welcome message expressing his wishes to become the friend of France.

At the turn of the twentieth century, the French jeweler Jacques Cartier came to Bahrain in 1911, seduced by the high quality pearls which fame had echoed to Paris. Later on, the first French exports, recorded in Bahrain in 1962, and the opening of a French Embassy in 1974, finally laid the foundation for a long-standing relationship with Bahrain, where our common concern for excellence is reflected in all areas, notably in the field of educational and academic cooperation.

published on 03/02/2020

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