Getting an Entry Visa to France

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Starting March 29th 2015, Applicants should take an appointment through the call center on 16199262. (From 9 am to 4 pm Sunday till Thursday) or by visiting .
For information call the Embassy on 17 298 660 or 17 298 633.

All foreign citizens who wish to come to France must be able to present regulatory proof of the purpose of their stay, means of support and accommodation.
In some cases, they need a visa to enter France. Visas must be applied for before leaving for France at the nearest French consular office.

Applicants for the Schengen Visa can obtain appointments either by calling 16 19 92 62 from 9 AM to 4 PM from Sunday to Thursday (except holidays) or by applying online :

Please remember that, according to a European act, since December 26th. 2007, the French Embassy in Bahrain will only deliver biometrical visas. Such visas need the applicant’s appearance, to record his/her personal datas (photo & fingerprints).

Children under 12 y.o. do not need to appear.

List of people that are authorized to accompany applicants to the embassy when requesting for a visa:
- list of official representatives (not published list)
- an accompaniment for applicants who are disabled, ill, aged, or minors (parents or legal guardian)

Collecting passports & visa:
When collecting the passport from the embassy, they are to present the original receipt given.
This receipt is kept as proof of collection of the passport.

Do you need a visa ?

Several factors determine whether a visa is waived. Please check on the Foreign and European Affairs Ministry’s website.

Bahraini citizens need a visa to enter the Schengen territory. To avoid inconvenience, kindly submit your application at least 20 days prior to your departure.

Diplomatic and official passports holders can enter without visa in France only; a visa is still needed to enter other Schengen countries.

For other appliers, delivery time may change according to their nationality.

How much does a visa cost?

Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs- visas fares

For a short-stay visa, it costs the equivalent in BHD to 60€.

Only cash is accepted.

Where to apply for a Schengen visa in Manama ?

A Schengen visa is delivered according to the first or main destination country. The Embassy of France draws the public’s attention to the fact that, in case of a visit to different countries inside the Shengen space, this is the country where the stay is the longest that determines the relevant embassy where to apply for the visa.

The French Embassy delivers Schengen visas for the following states:
- France
- Austria
- Portugal

France does not deliver visas for Spain and Greece. VFS Global ensures this service.
For other Schengen countries, please check on:

How can you take an appointment?

You can book an appointment by calling 16 19 92 62 from 9 am to 4 pm from Sunday to Thursday (except holidays) or by visiting

For information call the Embassy on 17 298 660 or 17 298 633.

Diplomatic and Special passport holders DO NOT need an appointment and should submit their application to the embassy from 8am to11am from Sunday to Thursday.

For any queries regarding the visa process, please call the Embassy, Visa section on 17 298 660 or 17 298 663 after 12.30 PM

Which documents do you need to get a visa?

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Short stay visa: Download the application form
A short stay, is a stay in the Schengen area under 90 days or multiple stays totaling less than 90 days in a period of 6 months.

Download the visa requirements

Download the visa requirements

Download the visa requirements
Download the parental authorization form (only for applicants under 18)

Long stay visa: Download the application form

A stay of more than three consecutive months shall be the subject of an application for a long stay visa which when considered favorably will lead to the delivery of a national visa.

According to the wide variety of motivations behind this long stay, we would advise you to get into contact with visa section of the Embassy, which, after an interview, would define which type of application file has to be constituted.

Nevertheless, only applicants living in the Kingdom of Bahrain and looking forward to staying in France can be granted such a visa.

Applicants must prove sufficient income to cover their stay, at least 60 BHD per day /per person. They must also indicate on the form the address where they intend to reside during their stay.


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published on 08/06/2015

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