Getting Medical Treatment In France

1. An internationally renowned healthcare system

France is a land of medical innovation. To make its expertise available to all, it has decided to consolidate its healthcare infrastructure for those seeking medical treatment in our country.

Access to French healthcare is now much easier, with a facilitated health visa process, improved hosting conditions for patients and their families, tailored services, and specially trained staff available if needed.

2. Seven medical specialties and lists of the hospitals where you can receive treatment

To help patients find what they need, the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development, in collaboration with Atout France Agency and the French hospital federations (FHF, FHP, Fehap, Unicancer) have published an information booklet entitled “Getting medical treatment in France” to help patients.

This booklet explains the excellent medical facilities available in France in seven specialist fields:

  • oncology
  • cardiovascular diseases
  • neuroloy
  • paediatrics
  • gynaecology-obstetrics
  • follow-up care
  • rehabilitation

Along with a list of services selected by the hospital federations in each of the seven disciplines for the quality and excellent reputation of their staff, their international experience, knowledge of foreign languages and ability to welcome and care for foreign patients.

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Receiving care in France
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Getting medical treatment in France
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published on 15/08/2022

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