Economic Department

Attached to the French Embassy, the Economic Mission of the Directorate General of Treasury (DG Trésor) is the component of the international network of the Ministry of Economy and Finance. DG Trésor defines and conducts France’s economic policy under the direction of the Minister.

Its international network meets the needs of the State in terms of macroeconomic, financial and public policy analysis, economic intelligence and international negotiation. Economic Department abroad promotes the ongoing reforms and economic policy of the French government and contributes to the attractiveness of our country.

They are also mobilized to support the internationalization of companies, and have a role as coordinators of all local French actors in this field, in particular the French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Bahrain (FCCIB), but also the French Foreign Trade Advisors, and Business France, present in Riyadh and Dubai.

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published on 03/02/2020

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