Dr. Arnaud Lacheret is the new Director of French Arabian Business School [ar] [fr]


French Arabian Business School is a co creation Arabian Gulf University and ESSEC Business School (France). It offers to students one of the best MBA in the world partly provided by the teachers of Essec.

The association of those two renowned institutions have worked since 2010 and provide both of the most strengths of both Arabic and French higher education system.
It recruits both managers already working in companies that want to boost their careers and students that plan the best possible start in their professional life.

The MBA is composed first of a classic general track, then the students chose one of the three specialisation: Public Private Partnership, Utilities Management or Aviation.
For this new academic year, the new Director is Doctor Arnaud Lacheret, 40 years old, coming from Lyon, France. He holds a Ph.D. in social sciences and has had two different careers as a Professor and Director of French Business Schools and of Chief of Staff of French Politicians. He wrote several chapters in books and scientific articles dealing with his field of research: New Public Management, Social Subsidies, Neoliberalism... One of his last books will be published in October.

"This school is a real diamond that have to be recognized in the whole Region. The academic program is a sort of mix of preparation to face and manage the globalization by keeping the Arabian identity of the future top manager of the region. In a world that changes continuously, such a perspective is reassuring and prepares to future successes of the Arabian economy.

I am here not to transform it, but to show the huge work that have been done by my predecessors and to make it become more and more attractive.
This challenge is very exciting and I know I can count on the help of the board of AGU that has welcome me really warmly."


published on 12/09/2017

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