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The Consul is responsible for the French community, whose protection from foreign authorities he ensures within the limits and in compliance with local legislation and which he administers in accordance with French legislation and regulations.

In addition, it performs various functions for the French community, as a representative of the various French administrations:

  • It registers French people residing in his constituency;
  • It draws up civil status certificates, under the authority of the Ambassador, Civil Registrar;
  • It is responsible for issuing travel and identity documents, matters relating to military obligations (organization of the Defense and Citizenship Day);
  • It provides consular protection in the event of arrest, incarceration, serious accident or illness; it may intervene in cases of repatriation;
  • It presides over the voting centers abroad;
  • It organizes and directs the local scholarship commission, the consular committee for the protection of social action, the consular committee for employment and vocational training.

In addition, the Consul issues short-stay visas (stays of up to 3 months) for the Schengen area, and long-stay visas for France (stays of more than 3 months).

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published on 03/02/2020

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