Conference of Dr. Pierre Lombard, Bahrain fort

The Director of the French archeological mission in Bahrain Mr. Pierre Lombard gave a conference at the Bahrain fort on the 29th of January about the work achieved in the archipelago since the fifties.

Presenting the main steps of the archeological mission since its founding in 1977 by Mrs. Monique Kervan, Pierre Lombard described the mission’s interventions on numerous research sites and the progress that was hence achieved. His speech then embarked the audience on a time travelling experience to ancient times, from the Dilmun necropolis – contemporary of the brilliant Mesopotamian civilization – to the Islamic and Portuguese periods, without forgetting the generals of Alexander of the Tylos era.

Dr. Pierre Lombard opened his exposé by mentioning the future projects of the French archeological mission, as well as its expectations concerning the discoveries that could be made. Finally, a long and rich exchange with the public lifted the veil from some mysteries of the History of the archipelago, such as the cult of the ophidians or the epopee of Gilgamesh.

published on 04/02/2014

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