Caught in the Act, a French urban dance show on December 15th at the Cultural Hall

Between urban scene and theatrical setup. This is where stands “Caught in the Act”, a French urban dance show presented by the Yann Lheureux Company (Montpellier) on December 15th at 10pm at the Bahrain Cultural Hall, within the framework of the 2nd edition of the Nuit Blanche (Manama does not sleep).

Made of three solos inspired by the urban dance idioms that are Hip-hop, BMX and art of movement (Yamakasi), this choreography explores the relationship between the notions of identity and territory.

The BMX solo, excerpt taken from “Caught in the Act”, will be performed on December 16th, at 5pm, at the Bahrain International Circuit, on the occasion of the National Day Festival.

Dancers/performers: Tony Tich, Lee Woo Jae, Vincent Warin.
Creation and choreography: Yann Lheureux.

For further information: 17 683 295 or 17 298 623/625

published on 15/12/2014

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