Awarding ceremony for the DELF-DALF diplomas at the Alliance française, 23rd of January.

The DELF-DALF diplomas - certifying the level of French - were given to the laureates within the amphitheater of the Alliance française (AF) by its President Mr. Fakhro and by the Cultural councellor of the French Embassy Mr. Devais.

About 200 participants from 10 different nationalities passed this French exam. The number of young learners perfectly illustrates the current craze for this language taught in many schools of the Kingdom. The support from schools such as Saint Christopher (British) or Shaikha Hessa (Bahraini) was particularly important as their teachers seriously encouraged students to take the DELF-DALF test.

This ceremony was also the occasion for the Cultural counsellor, Mr. Devais, and the President Fakhro to point out the importance of Francophonia in the world, as well as to underline the interest of learning French as a way to access a particularly rich culture, and perhaps even to study in one of the great French universities.

published on 05/02/2014

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