ALLIANCE FRANCAISE WELCOMES YOU TO CELEBRATE MOIS DE LA FRANCOPHONIE – Mars 2017 (The international month of Francophonie – March 2017) [fr]

The Month of La Francophonie, organized every year throughout the world, aims to promote the French language in the context of cultural diversity and to support the dialogue and rapprochement of people, groups and communities interested in the Francophonie.

The Month of La Francophonie 2017 in Bahrain will celebrate the French language and its cultural diversity. Numerous cultural events including music, theatre and film:

  1. Bahraini and French speaking film screenings
  2. A kids movie in French with English subtitles
  3. A potluck party were all cuisines of the world are invited to be shared
  4. An oud music concert trio to celebrate dialogue between nations

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published on 01/03/2017

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