"A few hours in France": visit of the Alliance française by the teachers of the public sector, 23rd of December 2014

65 teachers from Bahraini public middle and high schools met
on December 23rd for "A few hours in France"

At the initiative of the French language counselor at the Ministry of Education, Mr. M. Khlifi, and the Alliance française / French Embassy platform for the promotion of French, 65 teachers from Bahraini public middle and high schools met on Tuesday December 23rd at the Alliance française (Isa Town). They were welcomed by the Cooperation and Cultural Action Counsellor at the French Embassy in Bahrain, Mr. D. Chastres, and by the Director of the Alliance française, Mr. C. Freschi.

During interchange sessions on the Francophonie and the workshops on teaching materials available online, teachers were able to realize the importance of issues related to teaching French in Bahrain. Actually, the reform of 2010, which provides a gradual teaching of French in all high school classes, is a promising and encouraging environment. Well done Bahrain, which is positioned at the top of the Francophone progression and of Trilingualism in the Middle East! The meeting was held in a professional and warm atmosphere. By late morning, a remarkable gourmet snack, prepared and presented by the French chef Eric Cochard, World Champion of Pastry and owner of the bakery Enjie (Seef Corner), was served to the delight of all.

published on 02/03/2015

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