The Ambassador

  • Mr. Jérôme Cauchard, the new Ambassador of France to the Kingdom of Bahrain

    M. Jérôme Cauchard was born on September 19th 1960. Graduated from the Institute of Political Studies, he completed a master of business law from University of Paris II- Assas.
    He joined the Directorate of Personnel and General Administration at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 1987 and then joined Protocol in 1989, where he served for 4 years, three of which at the Presidency.
    In 1993, he worked 5 months in Jordan within an administration as part of an exchange and joined the French Embassy in Syria, as second and then first secretary, in charge of press office and home policy.
    From 1997 to 2001, he is appointed as Deputy spokesman with the Management of Communication and Information within Ministry of Foreign Affairs (with the Press Office), in charge of media relation concerning the Arab world, Africa and budgetary matters.

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  • Arrival word from the ambassador

    Dear compatriots,
    Dear friends,

    Having presented my credentials to His Majesty the King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa yesterday, I am pleased, for my first public address, to address you via the Embassy’s website and Facebook account.
    It is a pleasure and a great honor to have taken up my duties as French Ambassador to Bahrain. As in my previous missions (my curriculum vitae is online on this website) but for the first time as head of diplomatic mission, my ambition is to serve the interests of France and the French community.
    I greet all the members of this community who, on a daily basis, show their attachment to this country but do not forget France, which needs all of them to carry its values, its colors, its expertise and its interests.

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  • Chronological list of previous Ambassadors in Bahrain

    Current Ambassador : Mr. Jérôme Cauchard, appointed on September 19, 2019

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