• Political section

    The traditional term chancery refers to the place where the official seal was kept. Thus, for centuries, the diplomatic chancery has been the department that assists the Ambassador in his functions as the official (...)

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  • Economic Department

    Attached to the French Embassy, the Economic Mission of the Directorate General of Treasury (DG Trésor) is the component of the international network of the Ministry of Economy and Finance. DG Trésor defines and (...)

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  • Cooperation and Cultural Affairs Section

    The Cooperation and Cultural affairs Section (SCAC) is the mission of the Embassy which defines and monitors France’s cooperation with Bahrain in the cultural, educational, academic and scientific fields.

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  • Consular section

    The Consul is responsible for the French community, whose protection from foreign authorities he ensures within the limits and in compliance with local legislation and which he administers in accordance with French (...)

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